Eklore's StandingCitizens : The Voice of Verticality is the moving voice of one woman, among 100 others.

One hundred women on stage instead of one stage without women. All standing. And I am among them, moved in my verticality.

An awakening of consciousness on what constitutes the Feminine in all its diversity and richness, a a new event organized by Eklore, mixing testimonies and performances

These women stood up and spoke freely, without fuss, on Sunday, March 8 at the Zenith. Standing up, fully vertical and connected to the world.

At the Zenith, which was the last show, before total confinement, already limited to 1500 spectators, instead of the 5000 hoped for. A last lap, lined up, which was offered to us in beauty.

For twelve of these hundred women, including myself, the gift of having their voices fully heard.

Mine: The voice of verticality.

Thank you to Solenn Thomas and Eklore for offering me this unique opportunity to stand up, to go beyond myself. And above all, to live a two-month journey, together, in an unrestricted and common creativity, in resonance.

This wonderful and innovative adventure has deeply interested the Editor-in-Chief of Challenges magazine

Anne-Marie Rocco, who spoke at length about this initiative, announced the event in Challenges

"Get up, citizens!"By bringing 100 women on stage at the Zenith in Paris for International Women's Rights Day on March 8, Solenn Thomas set herself a challenge: to bring in 5,000 male and female spectators for four hours of a rather mysterious program without a single commercial headline. It's not just about making visible women leaders, but everyday leaders," explains the founding president of the cultural association Eklore, which she created with Paralympic swimming champion Ryadh Sallem . These are women who will show their value and their humanistic commitment." .. More on the Challenges website

Surprised by my extraordinary journey, Anne Marie also interviewed me: "This time, we are not going to talk about women but we are going to listen to them talk", says Nadalette La Fonta, author of Le Roseau penchant (Fauves edition), one of the 100 women who will testify at the Zenith. This former computer executive will share her "initiation to verticality" following a failed operation that should have condemned her to the horizontality of a hospital bed. After her book, an Olympia and a TEDx conference that has just passed the million view mark on YouTube, she wants to go even further in exploring her intimate truth. "I am the anti-model role, I am a multitude of women," she assures. On stage, I'll say what I'd want to say to my daughters if I only had seven minutes to live." Challenges, for the full article.

Aurélien Gohier knew, better than anyone else, how to make the atmosphere of this particular March 8

This day of March 8th was deeply initiatory, magical for some, a revelation for others. Including our friend Aurélien Gohier who knew, better than anyone else, how to capture the atmosphere of this particular day in his #podcast recorded during the Debout Citoyennes live from the Zenith.

A big thank you to Aurélien Gohier. I am interviewed there as well as Youna Marette, Typhaine Dee, Lea Moukanas, Solenn Thomas and Ryadh Sallem
To read thearticle on Medium ➡️ https://link.medium.com/7xIjPDx5b6
To access the podcast directly on Soundcloud ➡️ https://soundcloud.com/aurelien-gohier/podcast-a-debout-citoyennes-notre-societe-permet-elle-vraiment-une-egalite-femmes-hommes/s-oF3h4oBLv2t


My intervention at Debout Citoyennes was, for me, fundamental and founding.

I have already expressed, here, my very burning feeling of this day and this intervention, where my vulnerability was total, like a liberated but violent wave. I was far from the idea of performance of any conference, just there, lost and distraught, to better find myself.

On this site, you will also find the text, the poem of this intervention The Voice of Verticality, which allowed me to take a new step in the purity of authenticity

The video is now available on YouTube

And two months after the event, on May 8, 2020, Eklore put the video of my speech online on YouTube, and it is with deep emotion that I reviewed and shared it.

Review, and accept my imperfection in expression when such a subject upsets me.

I was confronted with the difficulty of accepting this emotion, when expressing this ode to motherhood and love.

I'm happy with the feedback and shares that are coming in. Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn

Thank you for letting yourself be touched by the fragility, which came out in the open on this Zenith stage #deboutcitoyennes #Eklore #8march.

It brings us together, in another level of consciousness of humanity, if we come to accept it.

Nadalette La Fonta

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