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Goodbye Wonder Woman, hello Me
The book that helped me through the storm

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Nadalette La Fonta doesn't want to be labeled as "young", "old" or "disabled". Following an operating accident, the one who lived a life of a hyperactive Wonder Woman became paraplegic. Three years after the accident, she became a writer and lecturer.

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You discovered a profile of this friend of Women Here and Now in your magazine's #45. From a botched surgery that left her a paraplegic in 2014, Nadalette La Fonta-Six drew "the story of a wonderful operation" that made her live again in a different way. (To open the reader, enter the following password: FIA51)

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Nadalette La Fonta embodies resilience, a word that often creeps into the term in recent years, meaning that ability to overcome trauma. Declared a paraplegic following spinal surgery in 2014, she is now disabled but standing with her crutch.

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"Nadalette La Fonta lives in Arcachon, she is the author of a manifesto not to miss her life."

After a career in large tech companies, Nadalette La Fonta became a "word passer". As an extension of herTedX conference "Nothing happens to us by chance, viewed more than 2 million times, she shares her convictions in a Manifesto for not missing out on life. 

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"Take the power and make your voice heard

Having become a paraplegic following an operating accident, Nadalette de la Fonta delivers a manifesto for not dying that reminds us of the need to live without missing out on what we are.

Nadalette La Fonta, 67 and mother of three daughters, held communication and marketing responsibilities in large groups until 2014 when she became paraplegic.


The passionate life lessons of Nadalette La Fonta, a convinced feminist and successful speaker.

WOMEN HERE AND THERE: Standing up again

From a failed surgery that left her a paraplegic in 2014, Nadalette La Fonta-Six has drawn "the story of a wonderful operation."

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In her book, Nadalette talks about her struggle but also about her history.

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Nadalette La Fonta Six: a failed operation breaks her body... and her brain

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A new philosophy of life

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A beautiful meeting - Interview by Aurore Monard in Openmind December 2020


This disease that changed my life

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On France 5, in front of Marina Carrère d'Encausse, Nadalette La Fonta Six talks about her scoliosis, and her book Le roseau penchant, histoire d'une merveilleuse opération.

PRESS RELEASE: Our storms are the height of our dreams, a manifesto for not missing out on life.

The two of us

The leaning reed is present in "NousDeux" of November


"I have the certainty that nothing happens to us by chance"

We are patient

"The separation was terrible"

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