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In this excerpt from FIX IT! by Wominds, Nadalette La Fonta-Six, author of the book "Le Roseau Penchant" (The Leaning Reed), a story in which her singular writing reveals her struggle but also her rebirth, shares with us her precious advice as a corporate Talent Manager to dare to be yourself in all aspects of our lives.

🌈 "Transforming Yourself to Transform the World" is the topic of this 30 Minutes show, shot as usual in one take as we are so strong, and in duplex this time for reasons of respect for #barriers!

🚀 👨👨👦 🦹🏽♀️ We're talking about #self-confidence, #legitimacy, #transformation and #alignment, #vulnerability and #power.
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A big 🙏 to my two solar guests ☀️, two #changemakers, two #resilient, two fighters with a generous and valiant #heart ❤️.
Sarah Durieux, author of "Change the World, Activism Manual to Take Back the Power" shares her visions, values and methods to realize herself and act on the world. Listen to this exchange, it might just make you want to love yourself more. In 30 minutes, we'll be there!

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