Edith had the heart to give me a sign, signs, at the very moment we were living so "virtually" and to invite me to this " Selected Conversation Rebound and Reborn".

This conversation is the fruit of deep and common intuitions: "Rebound, rebirth" is a conversation more than chosen with Edith Lassiat.

A connection, in the life before, by our common friend Alexandra Vassilacos, a dinner in the summer of 2019 which will not be done, very close life paths, a time of latency in the winter of 2019, and the evidence of talking to us on our common return to Charentes Maritimes, virtually, and often, from March to May 2020. And finally we meet a week ago for "real"! Rebound, reborn together.

Edith, sensitive and subtle Edith, focused on the feminine and its leadership, infinitely precise and exhaustive, a fine connoisseur of the meanders of the soul. Generous. A good listener!

She honors me with a beautiful affection that she shows me on her blog Happy Life Lab of which I present you an extract.

" [Selected ConversationBouncing Back to Reborn with Nadalette La Fonta Six

"May 11, 2020 Confidence & Personal Development. "Words are windows or they are walls. They either condemn us or they set us free"- Marshall Rosenberg

How can a painful ordeal that seems insurmountable allow us to shine?

How is it possible to transform a bomb in our lives into light, into a joyful and powerful return to ourselves?

Nadalette LA FONTA SIX has experienced one of those ordeals that is a sudden stop in her life following a failed operation.

This was followed by a 9-month paraplegia, a symbolic time of gestation, of childbirth. Today, she still lives with a form of invisible handicap following this "marvelous operation", as she calls it in her book "Le roseau penchant, histoire d'une merveilleuse opération".

A series of surprises and powerful transformations were born.
Her book Diary of this warrior
A series of conferences
A TedX followed by 1.000.000 views !

What does it tell us? ...

That it is possible to be born to oneself, to integrate one's inner child...
And, above all, what lessons can we learn from the trials that we sometimes have to go through?

Some nuggets from this Selected Conversation ...

There is neither failure nor success, neither regret nor remorse, just a journey towards oneself
To walk, step by step, discovering leaf by leaf the gifts of the sometimes poisonous flower that life has sent us. I call these gifts badly wrapped. The surprises with delayed effect...
It is not what happens to us that defines us, but what we accept to do with it!

Life is the path, life is a permanent construction: we are in work!
Permanent work, self-discovery, looking differently, giving a chance to LIFE that seeps in everywhere, all the time!...... ""

More on Edith Lassiat's blog.....

And now the video of our selected Conversation

"the fascinating story of a rebirth :
Nadalette LA FONTA SIX, from the Wonderwoman, who became brutally paraplegic, to the birth of thewriter she had always dreamed of being...
And you, in which treasure - perhaps hidden - of your history, will you find the essence of your talents, your zone of genius, your authenticity?
We have an incredible potential of resilience within us.
REBOUND, RESTORE, what if it was NOW!
Share your vision with us!
Thank you Nadalette La Fonta-Six for this delicious moment!" Edith Lassiat May 2020

The video of this Selected Conversation: https://youtu.be/mHWGht70IcM

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With my deep friendship for Edith!

Nadalette La Fonta

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