PartTwo - New consciousness through the perfect integration of the feminine and the masculine :

The binary and antagonistic vision of masculine and feminine, still in force, is reductive. It has favored the denial of the other, and of oneself. The perfect integration of the masculine and the feminine, and a new level of consciousness, are however within the reach of each one of us. 

(first part the denial of the feminine)

The masculine and the feminine are still summarized in an antagonistic binary approach, confining the woman to the feminine and the man to the masculine

These universal Masculine and Feminine of each sex, thus characterized, would be two poles, very badly to meet.

The Masculine, draped in the law, the framework, the security, the action, the axis, the strength.

And the Feminine, with its attributes of openness, emotions, creation and welcome, among others

This approach is binary, too antagonistic, even if it is meant to be complementary. It leads to the denial of each other. The woman is limited to her feminine, and the man to his masculine. To our common incompleteness.

It is time to open ourselves to a new level of consciousness with the perfect integration of the feminine and the masculine. It is now up to each of us to become an integrated, complete and conscious being, mentally. But also physically and spiritually. That is to say an awakened Being.


The completion by the integration, in each Being, of the masculine and the feminine

Theanimus* or non-integrated masculine of women and theanima* or non-integrated feminine of men are the Unconscious Referential of the masculine in women and of the feminine in men, which Carl Jung has highlighted.

Each of us carries a part of the other, carries it deep inside ourselves in the unconscious.

Animus and anima are sometimes misguidedly inclined to manifest themselves in terms of archetype: strong or perverse animus in women, strong or perverse anima in men


The strong or perverse animus, it is the cream pie of the feminine of these last years

We all know the misdeeds, all the distortions.

A strong animus in a woman, for example, translates into exaggerated traits: adoption of a masculinized behavior, authoritarianism, rigidity, demands, criticism, hyperactivity, intrusiveness, etc. Thus, we adapt, over-adapt or even rebel, and we gain nothing, quite the contrary!

A perverse animus in women is illustrated by manipulative, guilt-inducing behaviors, particularly around pleasuring or complaining. She is the savior, she is Mrs. Perfect.


Integrating anima and animus is truly and definitively exempting humanity from the denial of the feminine, but also restoring the masculine to its rightful place.,

The woman, without integrated animus, seems powerless totake her place fully " WHO I am ", and remains possibly vulnerable to the denial of the feminine. The association of an integrated animus with her anima disintegrates this manipulation by the collective biases, in us and in the other.

The human being, animus and anima integrated, with accuracy, reaches the UNITY: If it is in us, there remains no possible denial. Any possibility of denial is, in a way, nipped in the bud by this integration

An integrated animus - and anima - allows this integration of the masculine and feminine in each person, woman and man, to be not only mental, but also carnal and emotional. This is the new level of consciousness that the perfect integration of the feminine and the masculine allows


In this emotional autonomy, we are our soul mate.

And I say to you: "And if you accept to take your heritage

"From the moment you feel this power within you, there is only one thing left to say to yourself: "I am simply all of this, since I have everything" . As it is written in "Mariammé" by Laurence deBourbon Parme

Integration consecrates a sacred marriage, in every individual, of his masculine and feminine. This union frees us from vainly searching outside and in the other, what is already inside us.


Nadalette La Fonta 


Illustration " WO_MEN " by Sophie Giret -

 Thank you for this wonderful and generous collaboration, Sophie.


*The anima is, in the analytical psychology of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, the feminine representation within the imaginary of the man.

It is an archetype, therefore a formation of the collective unconscious, which has its counterpart in women under the name of animus. Wikipedia

*Theanimus is, for the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, creator of analytical psychology, the masculine part of the woman. It is an archetype, therefore a formation of the collective unconscious, which has its counterpart in man: the anima. Wikipedia

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