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Our storms are as big as our dreams 

Paraplegic following a surgical accident in 2014, Nadalette La Fonta has fought to reclaim her life. She has turned her resilient experience into a source of inspiration, including through the TEDx talk Nothing Happens to Us by Chance: two million views on YouTube.

In this book, which she considers "a manifesto for not dying", Nadalette blasts the beliefs that make us forget to live, and die without having lived. She shares with us, in no uncertain terms, confidences about her childhood, her brilliant career, trials, illusions, the invisible handicap, mourning and death... With an incisive and moving writing style, she invites us to accept our mistakes and failures as a source of knowledge of ourselves and our potential and to discover our forgotten dreams, the unexpected and the incredible in our lives.

So many stories and invitations to be that sow, throughout the pages, small white pebbles to light our own way.

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Our storms are as big as our dreams

Reader feedback 

Nathalie Sanloup Balsan

This weekend I went to support my friend Nadalette La Fonta at the famous #plagedesecrivains in #arcachon . Surrounded by about twenty writers, she presented her book #nostempetessontalahauteurdenosreves 🤩 published by Éditions Guy Trédaniel . Inspiring book like this woman with a resilient and out of the ordinary journey. From Steve Jobs to her hospital bed and then on her two legs, she takes us to the gut with her sharp pen, punctuated by alternations of gentleness and violence of Life... she shares with the accuracy of the wise her lessons of Life and how to remain inspired by who we are! You will not come out unscathed from this reading, which you will be able to take again and again, to better infuse the teachings she shares with us from her view on existence 💫🌟💫 More than 2million 6 views to her first TEDX, I wish her as many readers!

Sarah Lequette

Symbolic meeting with @nadalettelafonta around her latest book "our trials are as high as our dreams" published by @tredaniel_reflexion ✨ Initially, I discovered Nadalette by listening to her @ted a year and a half ago. A talk entitled "nothing happens to us by chance" with 2.5 million views. She invites us to accept our mistakes and failures as a source of knowledge of ourselves and our potential; to discover our forgotten dreams, the unexpected and the incredible in our lives. 🔖 Quick note: I'm just now reading "no encounter happens by chance" by @kaypollak 😅 Yay for the path of resilience!


Second time that I take back this book, I had a long pause, I like to digest it. It lists all my life analysis, which I have been dissecting for 10 years in order to understand, to heal, to evaluate, to soothe all the stages that have brought me down very often. I understand so much of his journey and reassure me of my own conclusions. I feel her anger, her determination as a woman who wants to have her place in society, her constant struggle. And one day, this necessary calm after having fought body and soul, this return to oneself to be at peace with oneself and one's family. I haven't finished it yet, but I feel this enVIE that she likes more and more and that I want to find again. A book to be read to take stock of one's life and also to be recommended to young people to make them want to respect and love themselves in order to start a life with enthusiasm and gentleness.


I read "Our storms are the height of our dreams" a few weeks ago. I was hooked by the title and was not disappointed by the content. It was like listening to a story that was both tragic and beautiful. Each time I closed the book I realized that I was not completely out of this life narrated by Nadalette La Fonta and that I was then led to think about my own existence, as if by a reflection game. I recommend this "manifesto" to all those who are in search of authenticity, introspection and a certain quest to deconstruct one's own beliefs, to dive into what is for me, one of the best books of this fall.

Florence Lecacheur

Resilience, reconciliation with oneself through listening and self-confidence, the transmutation of hardship into a springboard for living life to the full, respect in diversity and difference, the embodied feminine, the invisible handicap, the link between generations, inclusion, a different view of our origins and roots, the meaning of our personal history and the magnificence of life. Wonderful words from my friend Nadalette La Fonta bravo ma jolie à très vite . A big kiss 🥰😘 And if you don't have it, run out and buy the book you'll see you won't be able to leave it.

Isabelle Collas

My vision after reading Nadalette La Fonta's book, "Our storms are as high as our dreams". I finished reading this book about 2 months ago. It's a shock, it's a slap in the face and it feels good to be in this state of shock after reading it. It took me by the hand and gave me a rereading through the eyes of Nadalette La Fonta who was living a strong experience, a rereading for me of a past not forgotten, but well and truly archived and that I minimized. My ordeal was in 1978 and lasted 6 years. I went through the stages of this mourning, alone, without putting any particular names on it, except for the fact that I could breathe and cry less and less. Each chapter had an echo for my life, my experience and this path towards wisdom that I have been following since that time, sometimes it is simple, sometimes it is complicated, often it seemed impossible to cross. This reading has been like glasses put on to read my life, to put on these words lived with the unconsciousness of youth, and these words have become feelings, and steps to live a fulfilled and globally very happy life. Nadalette La Fonta has given me a ray of sunshine that makes dreams germinate, evolution, growth, and also and above all, the Being that I am, the eternal one that does not always manifest itself and not at the right time, but above all, the one that I am in spite of everything! Each chapter was like a major or minor chord in the symphony that is my life. I have heard the overall harmonies as well as the pizzicatos of the details of my life. And sooner or later, consciously or unconsciously, we all experience these trials (who doesn't) big or small but especially that we consider them as BIG despite a story to tell that is not "that serious anyway" we often think, especially if we compare with other trials visibly more serious. When we want to take a good look at it, we have something to be aware of, to live and to turn into an attainable dream all that we reject, that we cover up, that we deny. Denying one's pain, one's sorrow, one's suffering is a step, but one must move on, and it is a chance if this pain is not easily overcome. Understanding is also a step that leads to a daily welcoming of what is difficult to grasp mentally but which "inside" or "in the gut" is so constructive and makes life so serene! * It is all this, in bulk and much more, that Nadalette La Fonta and her book "Our storms are as high as our dreams" can bring to everyone, because as we each have eyes, arms, legs, a heart, a brain, we all go through what she went through, in a different way and we can make this experience, a brick that builds us and allows us to stand up straight! Thank you Nadalette for this gift of life that I received from you!

Sergyl Lafont

The goal is not the goal, it is the way. Lao-tzu Carried away by the waves of our tempestuous existences, are we forever destined to a poor and dull survival? Are we going to "die" without having really lived, to finally die in peace, one day? In the depths of our troubled hearts, our intimate dreams seem unattainable and remain confined to a utopian imagination... Yet we move forward nostalgically, and drag this pain endlessly throughout our earthly pilgrimage, like the walker in Schubert's "Winter Journey". Nadalette La Fonta, in her remarkable book: "Nos tempêtes sont à la hauteur de nos rêves" (Our storms are as high as our dreams), which has just been published by Editions Guy Trédaniel, offers us the testimony of her own very singular struggle along her steep and rough path marked, among other things, by a dramatic post-operative paraplegia, to help us get out of our ruts by giving us the courage to face our own contradictions. The touching sincerity of the author's reflections wins our conviction by irresistibly gaining our confidence: YES, this hard fight is the way to be reborn to a new life where our wildest dreams can become accessible. The path is there: by facing our storms, our fears become revelations and guide our walk to the height of our dreams. Let's walk this rough path with confidence, guided by the vibrant and sincere prose of Nadalette La Fonta. The text of this book, a precious bedside book, "to do" much more than to read, is filled with small pebbles that awaken us to life; let us take the time to stop as often as necessary along the path of the sentences, to pick up the words that echo in our heart, and, with our pockets thus filled with courage and hope, let us move forward with confidence to meet our life.


Sometimes life has beautiful surprises in store for us after terrible trials. What a beautiful story, what a beautiful lesson of life! A must read


Good morning madam. I am in the Parisian subway. I started a therapy a month ago because of recurring body aches! What this book speaks to me. It accompanies me in this subway. I take 2 seconds to tell you thank you for this writing. I am on page 154 which speaks to me the most. This famous Christmas 2013. Thank you madam!!! I get out of the metroA must read

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The Penching Reed 

A wonderful operation

Nadalette La Fonta Six recounts the failed operation that left her a paraplegic. An edifying testimony on medicine and the world of the hospital, but also the story of a redemption. That of a woman who decided to take her life in hand. (...)
All this in 180 pages written with a scalpel, an uncompromising account of a terrible personal ordeal that is also a meditation - on freedom, femininity, blood ties and so many other things. A dive into the darkest depths of life.
And finally, it is a tale of redemption, of a woman who rises again thanks to her will, to the love she carries within her, and of course, thanks to her writing. Because her book is both a sharing and a therapy.

Excerpt from the article by Anne-Marie Rocco,

great reporter for Challenges magazine


Waking up paraplegic after a simple back operation

Waking up paraplegic after a simple back operation. Finding herself trapped in a hospital bed for months on end. Enduring infantilisation, bemoaning the loss of autonomy... This is how Nadalette La Fonta Six's life has gone since her spinal cord was damaged during an operation to correct severe scoliosis.

Therapeutic hazard or bad luck? The answer remains vague. What remains is the irreversible damage. And one certainty: life will never be the same again. So how do we deal with
disability? How to overcome fear and pain? How to overcome grief and anger? How to avoid a family explosion?
Although when reading her story, one cannot help but identify with it - "if it had happened to me" - the author does not claim to provide a universal answer. Her testimony is above all a subjective cry carried by a singular writing - sometimes poetic, sometimes brutal and raw. And it is without ever losing her sense of humor that she suggests ways to achieve a form of resilience.
Living proof that after a fight, rebirth is possible: three years later, despite a seriously damaged autonomy, she has found a smile and the courage to testify.

The Penching Reed 

Reader reviews 

Sergyl Lafont

A moving book by. Nadalette La Fonta-Six 🤗🤗🤗: how to cope with adversity, when paraplegia occurs following surgery...

Juliette Savaete

I had the chance to share with her precious and rare moments and I would like to express here all my affection and admiration for this beautiful, strong, determined and courageous woman who, after a terrible accident in life...

Benoit Perreau

You have given me a wonderful gift by offering me your book, a piece of you, of your sufferings...

Muriel Griveaud

To all those who are concerned about the other, who are looking for inspiration, a breath of fresh air and a beautiful lesson in life without procrastination but with the joy of living, read this book...

Françoise Laurent

Good evening. I have just finished reading your book and discovered your story. I am in awe of the path you have taken and I can only bow to your determination. A reed that bends but remains flexible and resists the assaults of daily life. This reconstruction, this rebirth, this resurrection was not built in a day but what satisfaction you must have towards you-love! What an example of courage for you, your relatives, friends, readers...! What intense emotions when reading about your daughter's 20th birthday when you found her by surprise! The tears streaming down my face when your friends collapsed in their car on the way back from your birthday! So, I could go on and on with my praise of what your life is all about. A woman of courage, a woman with all her strengths and determinations. A normal woman with her despairs and her hopes. Thank you for this precious moment shared in your company. Sergyl was right to praise your journey. He knows where to find the right thing in life. We are all connected to each other. Together, members of one body. The one palliating the one who suffers. The other supporting the one who is suffering. Thank you for what you are. Beautiful road to you !💐

Nadalette la FONTA

 "Until our last day, and perhaps even after, nothing happens to us that we do not know how to transform, transmute."

Since 1996, I have held responsibilities at IBM Europe in Communication, Marketing, then Talent Management in France and internationally. Paraplegic following an operation that damaged my spinal cord in 2014, I am fighting to get my life back in hand and, by writing Le roseau penchant, histoire d'une merveilleuse opération (Fauves)... 

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