It was a pleasure, an honor and a matter of course to participate in the #SolidairePasSolitaire video program with #Diversidays.

A Live "A few keys to transform any event" that has been seen, in its first version, on social networks more than 1000 times. It is now available with a newly uploaded video on YouTube thanks to Diversidays

Diversidays gave me a platform at the confinement to talk about other trials, another confinement, that was the breeding ground for my #transformation #leroseaupenchant #riennenousarriveparhasard #TEDx #resilience  

I had this deep desire to be at the side of those who were perhaps experiencing their first ordeal, or at least the unprecedented ordeal of this confinement that has stopped our world. 

I have this desire to communicate my hope, in you, in us, in our life, in our future. Because I believe that, more than ever, we must share and transmit joy and hope.

Firing the fear, the anguishthe birds of ill omen!

Nothing is impossible, but especially the right one!!! We shared:


  1. A Journey: - Though we are confined. Believe in the journey that each individual must take to Live their life, create their personal legend, and contribute to the common Odyssey. What you are going through, what we are going through today, is part of the journey. It is an ordeal and yet it is only a small part of the journey of life.
  2. Values: The value of each individual, the value of Life. Affirmed our values: generosity, courage, benevolence. They too are viral, invasive, contagious. A good virus!
  3. The universality of the Trial: big and small trials. It is the lot of all life. How to face them? To face them right now, in this moment.
To cross this ford, I have drawn a path for you, which I have already experienced in a trial, another form of confinement.

A path made of steps.

A path. Among many other possible paths, whatever the ordeal 

Thanks to Anthony Babkine, Nicolas Babkine, Madi Seydi, Nadia Bahhar Alves and the whole Diversidays team for welcoming me.


Nadalette La Fonta


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