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The #TEDxCEWomen adventure continues, my #Riennenousarriveparhasard lecture subtitled in #French finally accessible to the #deaf

The #TEDxCEWomen adventure continues, with the incredible good fortune that my #Riennenarriveparhasard talk was subtitled in #French by the amazing #TEDx volunteers and thus finally accessible to the #hard of hearing. It's important to share the #trouble and #resilience, the #rebound as widely as possible, beyond an exclusive TEDx event in Paris, and especially with [...]

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Re.Start Awards: October 1st, Save the date! An evening not to be missed, bouncing back after an accident in life: #riennestimpossible.

Re.Start Awards, an idea that I like, bounce back after an accident in life: #riennestimpossible. I know a little about bouncing back after an ordeal: ordeal, mourning, but resilience and reconstruction to live one's dream, the chance was given to me after an accident of life, to live my real life as a writer with The [...]

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Nadalette La Fonta: Chinese portrait of the Leaning Reed by Dazibao

One summer day, a delightful Twitter encounter with @catherineaubin. We did not know each other, Catherine offers me @DaZiBao her writing a Chinese portrait. What do you think of this new way of sharing yourself? And if you like it, contact Catherine ! I am waiting for your comments, Nadalette La Fonta. To discover via this link: In good company [...]

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